Cookie Statement

WPP Open Dynamic Content (Open.DC) uses cookies for checking website statistics and optimising marketing applications. Please find below the type of cookies we use for each category, and the functionality of these cookies.



Cookies ensuring adequate website performance. Our website is using cookies for:

  • Forwarding information from one page to the next;
  • Saving settings for optimal video display, such as required buffer size and screen resolution details;
  • Reading your browser settings to optimise display of our website on your screen;
  • Evening out traffic load of the website to ensure its availability.



Cookies used to measure the use of our website. To determine which sections of the website are the most interesting to our visitors, we aim to measure continuously, if necessary using third-party software, how many visitors are on our website and what they view most frequently. We use cookies for this purpose. Statistics are generated from the information collected with such cookies. Such statistics provide an insight into how frequently our web pages are visited, where visitors tend to spend the most time, etc. This enables us to improve the structure, navigation and content of the website to optimise its user convenience. The statistics and other reports are not used to derive individuals.

Our website is using cookies for:

  • monitoring the number of visitors on our website pages;
  • monitoring the time that each visitor spends on our website pages;
  • determining the order in which a visitor visits the various pages of our website;
  • assessing which sections of our website should be updated;
  • optimisation of our website.


Please find below a list of cookies we placed:

Party: Google Analytics
__utma,__utmb, __utmc,__utmv, __utmz,_ga, _gat_[tracker]
Functionality: We place cookies to gain a better insight into the behaviour of people visiting this website. This information is used to improve the user experience of this website and other channels applied by this website.
Expiration: Max. 2 years
When uploaded: Always


Party: Hotjar
Cookies: _hjClosedSurveyInvites, _hjDonePolls, _hjMinimizedPolls, _hjDoneTestersWidgets, _hjMinimizedTestersWidgets, _hjDoneSurveys, _hjIncludeInSample, _hjUserId
Functionality: The script and the cookies provide insights into the website behavior of the user. The website and other used channels can be improved and optimized.
Expiration: max. 1 year
When uploaded: after opt-in

The cookies that third parties place and the potential data they collect with such cookies are subject to the statements of these parties on their respective websites. Please note that these statements are subject to change. We have no influence on third-party statements and conditions.


Which cookies can be placed by Open.DC on other websites than

Cookie Domain Name Description Lifetime src0_xxxx Only applicable when the advertiser uses the Smart Open.DC Pixel on their Website: Stores the propositions the user has visited on the advertiser’s website. This cookie is read by Open.DC ads to show more relevant content. 30 days lpc Only applicable when the advertiser has implemented Open.DC Conversion Pixels on their Website: Stores timestamp and id of a ‘conversion’ for an advertiser’s ad campaign. This is to gather anonymous performance data of ad campaigns and to exclude already purchased propositions from future ads. 30 days lpuid Only applicable on advertisers who use Open.DC in combination with the Open.DC [m]Insights sync: Stores a unique Open.DC User ID in the cookie to use for more relevant ads. 24 months


This cookie policy was last updated on: 20 january 2021.