Privacy Policy Greenhouse Group BV

This Privacy Policy has been developed by Greenhouse Group B.V. (“Greenhouse Group”) to inform you about the information collected and processed through the services provided by Greenhouse Group, and its subsidiaries, to or on behalf of our clients (“Services”), as well as during your visit to the websites of Greenhouse Group (see Annex I for full list) and all underlying subpages (“Website”).

Greenhouse Group consists of a group of companies which all offer services and technology in the field of digital marketing consultancy, media buying and optimization, data insights, creative services and related technology. This Privacy Policy is applicable to Greenhouse Group BV and all of its subsidiaries as stated below:

  1. Greenhouse Group BV, operating under the trademarks Greenhouse Group, LemonPi, BAAS, Bidwiser, Kosi and Brandstudy;
  2. Blue Mango Interactive BV;
  3. Fresh Fruit Digital BV;
  4. SourceRepublic BV, operating under the trademark PubNXT; and
  5. We Are Blossom.

Where this Privacy Policy states Greenhouse Group all subsidiaries and trademarks stated above should be read.


Which information is collected/received by Greenhouse Group?

Greenhouse Group may collect and/or receive information about you when you visit our Website, or websites of third parties using our Services. Which information is collected about you may vary in these two instances. In this paragraph we enumerate this information.

The Websites: when you visit our Websites, we collect information about your visit. This information consists of the following data:

  • Your browsing, web usage and interactions on that website;
  • Your Internet browser;
  • Your computer operating system;
  • Your computer’s Internet protocol address (IP-address);
  • The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the websites you have visited before and after viewing an advertisement;
  • The websites and webpages you are viewing when an advertisement is shown.

If you wish to apply for a job offer, posted on our Websites, you may do so electronically using the application form provided on our Websites. To complete the form, we ask you to provide the following information:

  • First and last name;
  • Email address;
  • Telephone number;
  • Address;
  • Cover Letter (optional);
  • Resume;
  • Date Available (optional);
  • Desired Pay;
  • Website, Blog or Portfolio (optional);
  • LinkedIn Profile URL (optional);
  • Highest Education Obtained, including College / University (optional);
  • How you found the vacancy.

If you wish to contact us, you may do so inter alia by using the contact form provided on our Websites. To send in the form, we ask you to complete the following information:

  • Name;
  • Company;
  • Job title (optional);
  • Email;
  • Message (optional);

The Services: the Services provided by Greenhouse Group may include that advertisement is shown on websites of third parties. If you visit such a website operated by a third party and possibly interact with the advertisement, information about your visit and use of the website and/or advertisement will be collected by Greenhouse Group, or passed to Greenhouse Group by that third party. This information includes the following data:

  • Identifiers, including IP-address, cookie-id or device-id;
  • Information about your connection to the website, webpages and/or the ad server, including the date, time and type of the connection;
  • Internet browser details, including browser type and language settings;
  • Operating system details, including OS type and language settings;
  • Device details, including location and (in case of mobile device) longitude, latitude, model and carrier;
  • Use of and interaction with the website, webpage or advertisement, including your interests;
  • Information on the advertisements presented to you;
  • Details of panel members of market(ing)- research companies, including panel member number, gender and age.

It is possible that a client of Greenhouse Group wishes Greenhouse Group to process additional information in the course of the Services. Please consult the privacy statements of the websites you visit to obtain more information on any (additional) information that is collected.


What are cookies and are they used by Greenhouse Group?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in a browser by a website or ad server which allows the website or ad server to recognize and remember the browser, user preferences and other information. Cookies do not harm your computer or any files on your computer. For more information about the use of cookies by Greenhouse Group, please click here


For which purposes and on which grounds will the information be processed?

The information we collect and receive will be used for the following purposes:

  • To perform our Services to our clients, which includes collection and (statistical) analyzing of information for individual profiling;
  • To monitor and calculate the revenue generated with a Service;
  • To optimize and (statistically) analyze the Services and the Website;
  • To dynamically serve you ads when providing the Services;
  • To analyze and categorize (Internet) domains visited;
  • To identify the “Customer Journey”, the trajectory of the customer form the moment of first contact to the sale/use and possible repeated sale/use;
  • To perform optimization in respect to a campaign or Service, including to measure the amount of contact moments (e.g. frequency cap);
  • To secure, amend and improve our Services and Website;
  • To process your application for a job offer you have submitted through the Website;
  • To contact you regarding your application for a job offer, or following a contact form you have submitted through the Website;
  • To provide your information to third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


In the course of our Services, we will analyze your information to build individual profiles. These profiles will be used to predict future interests and display targeted (online) advertisement. The aim is to provide you with offers that are relevant and interesting for you. The profiling is based on your (surfing) behaviour on the internet. This includes the viewing of advertisements, any interaction with it and the overlap between desktop and mobile usage. As your name is not collected in the course of our Services, we expect that our Services will have no further impact, other than providing you with a more pleasant user experience when surfing the Internet.

Greenhouse Group will obtain your prior consent before processing your information for its own purposes, unless Greenhouse Group has a legitimate interest to process your information. If you have given your consent to the processing, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, by sending an email to that extent to:  Greenhouse Group will discontinue the processing of your information upon receipt of your withdrawal. However, any processing performed prior to your withdrawal remains a legitimate processing based on a valid consent at the time. Greenhouse Group will not be under the obligation to reverse the processing.


Will the information be shared with third parties?

Greenhouse Group will only share your information, or information derived therefrom, with third parties in one of the following events:

  • Disclose your information to our client in the course of providing our Services;
  • Disclose your information to our service providers, which process the information on our behalf, in the course of our Services and/or the Website;
  • Disclose your information if we are required to do so on account of national or international law or legislation and/or to comply with an authorized request or demand, or if necessary in order to defend Greenhouse Group’s own rights or interests.

If Greenhouse Group wishes to share your information with any other third party and/or for any other purpose, we will first obtain your explicit consent.

Third party websites
The Website may contain links that lead you from our Website to another website. Such a link does not imply our endorsement of that website. We do not control the websites to which we link and assume no responsibility for their content or privacy policies. Therefore, you should carefully review the privacy policies that apply to any websites you access from our Website.

 YouTube API Services
For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, we may share creative video content with YouTube via YouTube API Services to be displayed on YouTube’s platform for the benefit of our clients. We do not share any personal data with YouTube that may be obtained by us in connection with this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy informs the user of our platform(s) that our application(s) use YouTube API services in the event of YouTube export functionality. Therefore, by using the YouTube integrations in our platform(s), you are agreeing to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service (, Privacy Policy (, and the YouTube API Services Terms of Service ( We take no responsibility for the content or privacy practices of any third-party services. We encourage you to carefully review the privacy policies of any third-party services you access. You will be able to revoke the access of YouTube API Services  via the Google security settings page at


Who is responsible for the processing of your information?

The information collected and processed by Greenhouse Group is anonymized or deleted when it is no longer needed for the goal it was initially processed for. It is possible that our clients set a different retention period for the information collected and processed on their behalf. Please consult the privacy statements of these clients to learn more about the retention periods maintained.


What are your rights regarding the information collected and processed?

With regard to your information that is collected and/or processed by Greenhouse Group, you may exercise the following rights:

  • Right of access: you may request Greenhouse Group to confirm if information about you is processed. If such is the case, you will receive access to your information.
  • Right of rectification: if our information about you is incorrect, you may request Greenhouse Group to rectify your information. This includes the right to have incomplete information completed, taking into account the purpose of the processing.
  • Right to erasure: you may request Greenhouse Group to erase your information, for instance if the information is unlawfully processed, or if you have withdrawn your consent.
  • Right to restrict processing: you may request Greenhouse Group to restrict the processing of your information, if (i) the information is inaccurate, (ii) the processing is unlawful, (iii) you need us to retain the information after the retention period for a legal claim, or (iv) you have objected to the processing and a verification of our legitimate interests is pending.
  • Right to data portability: you may request Greenhouse Group to provide you with an electronic file of your information, or to transfer your personal data to a third party if such is technically feasible.

We will respond to your requests without undue delay, but within one month. If permitted under applicable legislation, Greenhouse Group may extend the response period with two further months if such is necessary due to the complexity and number of requests. Greenhouse Group will notify you of any extension and the reason thereof. If Greenhouse Group denies your request, we shall inform you on the reasons for such a denial.

You may (in addition to the rights above) lodge a complaint regarding the processing of your information by Greenhouse Group, or regarding the denial of a request as meant above, with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

If information about you is processed by Greenhouse Group on behalf of one of our clients, we will forward your request to the relevant client. We will inform you that we have forwarded your request and provide you with the contact details of the relevant client.


Will information be transferred to countries outside the EU?

Due to technical and operational reasons Greenhouse Group will transfer your information to third parties outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA”). This is the case if our client is vested in a country outside of the EEA, when we use services of third parties vested outside the EEA in the course of our Services or the Website, or if Greenhouse Group is required to provide information to foreign authorities. The countries outside the EEA where these third parties are vested may not provide the same level of data protection as provided in the EEA. Greenhouse Group will take the measures required in accordance with applicable legislation to ensure the lawful transfer of your information, for instance to enter into the European Model Clauses.


May this Privacy Policy be amended?

Greenhouse Group may amend this Privacy Policy. We will notify you of any changes through our Website and/or through a message to you.



Should you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you can send an email to: